About FSX Flight Tracker

FSX Flight Tracker

FSX Flight Tracker is a client program that runs on the FSX PC (or another PC with SimConnect enabled) which retrieves flight data from FSX and then sends to the server hosted in the Amazon Cloud in real time (one second interval). Flights can be viewed live on www.fsxtracker.com with any browsers that support Google Map including mobile devices.

FSX Flight Tracker program has been developed with ease of use. Once it is registered, it requires little or no inputs from captains. Just click "Start" button, that's it! If auto connect feature is enabled, FSX Flight Tracker automatically connects to FSX. Captains can just concentrate on flying and FSX Flight Tracker takes care of the rest!

Flight data that FSX Flight Tracker retrieves includes FSX flight plan, altitude, speed, latitude, longitude and more. Optionally, FSX screenshots can be captured and viewed live on www.fsxtracker.com.


  • Track and record your awesome FSX flights!
  • Show the world how you can fly like real pilots!
  • Flights can be viewed live on Google Map.
  • Flights are saved in the Amazon Cloud which can be viewed at any time.
  • Flights on Google Map include flight plan path and actual path.
  • Automatically retrieves FSX flight plan from FSX PC.
  • Automatically detects takeoff and starts a new flight logging and tracking.
  • Automatically detects landing and ends the flight logging.
  • Automatically calculates flight duration, distance flown, fuel used and other values after flight ends.
  • Automatically tracks total number of flights, total flight hours, total flight distances, total SIM time and total Real time (actual time) for captains.
  • TakeOff air speed, landing air speed and landing vertical speed are shown on view flight screen so that you can evaluate takeoff and landing performance (soft landing, hard landing?).
  • All flight information as well as captain’s information can be view online.
  • Optionally, screenshots can be captured viewed online (live view only).
  • Auto Connect option on the client, when enabled, allows the client automatically connects to FSX.
  • Automatically pause FSX at preset distance to destination.
  • And much more...


  • FSX with SP2/XPack (Acceleration Pack), FSX SE or P3D
  • Microsoft SimConnect on FSX PC (also on separate PC if running FSX Flight Tracker)
  • Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework